A message from our founder, Tom Bennett

We’ve managed to do so much with almost nothing. So far we have just about broken even with ticket sales (at deliberately affordable prices) and event-by-event sponsorship. Our ambition is to start to build a small core team who can run these days, and our website, so that we can grow, and offer more free resources and low-cost days to the education communities. Your donation would fund the time of this core team, plus help us to rebuild and maintain our website, which is crucial for sharing free resources from conference days.

We believe that we are on the edge of an evidence revolution in education. But it won’t happen by itself.

Please donate to our project, and help us help teachers, schools, and most of all students. And help us to keep our independence.

We’d be deeply grateful for any assistance you can give, because while all of our efforts are done for the greater good, it is often desperately hard for an entirely volunteer-driven organisation to be sustainable. Your donation can help us to continue to do the good work we do, and to build and grow so that we can do more in the future.

Thanks for reading!