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SpeakerSession titleDownload link
Paul KirschnerUrban legends in education: What does the research say?Download
Oliver CaviglioliSketchnote on Paul’s talk on urban legends in educationLink to Oliver’s website
SkolsverigeresearchED Scandinavia Podcast (with short intro in Swedish, English begins at 1:24)Link to podcast

Link to slides

David DidauWhat if everything you knew about mindsets and resilience was wrong?Link to blog & slides
Lucy CrehanLessons for Sweden from top-performing education systemsDownload
Gary JonesEvidence-based practice and some time-saving techniquesDownload
Harry Fletcher WoodResponsive Teaching: Cognitive Science and Formative Assessment in PracticeDownload
Harry Fletcher WoodHow can behavioural psychology help us nudge students in the right direction?Download
Anders JonssonTest or assessment – what’s the difference?Download
Dance Prsa & Linda SikströmSupporting teachers to develop structured teaching strategiesDownload
Pedro de BruyckereThe Ingredients for Great TeachingLink to Pedro’s blog
Jens IdelandEnhancing collegial learning: Support for professional learning networks and research use in MalmöDownload

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