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SpeakerSession titleDownload link
Naomi BaronReading in Print or Onscreen: Does it Matter for LearningDownload – Slides
Download – References
Daisy ChristodoulouAssessing student writing with comparative judgementDownload
Dave FortinTeaching Civics with Hannah ArendtDownload from Google Drive
Efrat FurstThe Science of Acquiring New KnowledgeDownload
Amy Holbrook, Becky Parker, and Mandy Polen​Practitioner Insights on Implementing High-Quality, Knowledge-Building Curriculum​Download from Powerpoint Online
Download the handout
Cara JacksonShould we trust ‘what the research says’? How to evaluate research claimsDownload
Eric KalenzeFinally! Curriculum gets its moment! (…now let’s not blow it.)Download
North LandesmanThe Research on HomeworkDownload
Sherry LewkowiczThe Writing RevolutionDownload
Andrew Lyman-ButtlerBlended AssessmentDownload
Nancy PeterEvaluating Professional Development: did it make a differenceDownload
Tanji Reed-MarshallWorking Towards Linguistic Equity: Language Varieites in the English Language Arts ClassroomDownload
Ian Rowe18 to 18 – How Public Prep charter school network operationalizes its core valuesDownload
Tom SherringtonWhy is Barak Rosenshine’s Principles of Instruction paper so good?Download
Pamela SnowCan targeted teacher professional development improve children’s oral language, literacy, and mental health at Grade 3?Download
Cassandra TurnerGet students to master multiplication facts in 3 steps, or why don’t my 6th graders know their math facts?Download
Glenn WhitmanHow to create a research informed schoolDownload
Dylan WiliamCreating the schools our children needDownload

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